Lady queen diary

I was so hurt realizing that my ex just acted as if he wasn’t pained about the break up,he regarded himself like a prince that has every woman heart, there l knew all the sex and good moments where nothing to prince charming.

Manny chatted me up,he was a new guy that had been crushing on me but he wasn’t my class,type and taste.

“Manny was a fucking nerd,I was the queen of the school for Godsake.”

I like Manny,he was nervous and shy whenever close to me and that made him cute with those glasses, but didn’t think I could love him..

I decided to be the one to ask him on a date, because I needed someone to replace the space my ex has created.

  • Most of all,I needed a fake boyfriend

Lady queen’s diary

Guess what,I just broke up with a friend, don’t know if to call him a friend that gives me benefits in sex,or just a fling.i was so stupid to fall for him knowing he was a flirt and could win the heart of any woman at a click of his fingers,he was a God in terms of looks and charisma,I won’t mention the name…..

He flirted with me those early period and I found it hard to resist his persistent charms,he always know how to get me especially when he pulls those persistent spirit on me,he would kiss me and caress my body and won’t stop even if I ask him to,he would rather seduce me more putting his hands on places that were my weak points whispering breathlessly on how he can’t stop liking an amazing person like me and I couldn’t help surrendering to him

I began developing interest in him and after the sex,he confessed that he loves me, but I broke up with him because he didn’t put his words into action like:

He doesn’t care if I had another relationship behind him,he checks up on me and behave all lovely whenever I chats first,he flirts with other girls in my presence,he don’t spend on me, don’t even take me out or allow me to follow him out,he complains about little things whenever we are together.

I quickly accessed all those attributes and broke up with him.

Now am texting another guy and he is acting so lovely,.

Would my boy friend come begging or would I become attached to the other guy …..

I will keep updating on the next happenings,

I ❤️u